Sanet established on 16th May 2015.One of the reasons We created this brand is because of our love to some famous leather bags so much.And it makes us corious to see their workshop and how do they work ,so that their products becomes fantastic.
And another thing that really inspires us is ,the founder of one of our favorite brands,He started make a bag accidentally when his daughter needed a bag to come over to a party .And another thing suprised us,the material they use,mostly is imported from Indonesia. And In Indonesia The best neat’s leather comes from Java Island ,and also in Banyuwangi regency ,snakeskin is overflow ,but the products with this material is just the replica of some famous brands or some custom products,it makes the value decrease.

Those two things really inspire us to make our own brand ,with a high quality ,original design & material,but with affordable price.And the material we use is full leather , for inside layer we use sheepskin, and for the outside it is usually will be neat’s leather combined with snakeskin as sweetener. And for our second product ,we started raise The Cultures of Banyuwangi ,such as Gandrung and Seblang.The material we use is linen canvas with the motif of “Omprok Gandrung” and “Seblang Dancer ” combined with neats’s leather &sheepskin.

Our superiority :
-Our products made in limited numbers ,maximum 5 items for each model.
-Accecories designed by our in house designer ,and the material we use is brass with nickel on the finishing part (stainless)
-To secure our originality ,each item of our products equiped with a serial number and product certificate.
-Completeness: Dust bag,box.

Our products presented at
Banyuwangi Islamic Fashion Week 2015


014 The Eternal Beauty of Gandrung

08 The Eternal Beauty Of Seblang